Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Tragedy of Kerbala

Corresponding to 10th October 680 AD, Imam Husain with 72 family members and disciples were martyred in the scorching desert of central Iraq on Friday 10th Moharram, 61Hijri.

Historians rightfully state Imam Husain and his companions to have braved severe hunger and thirst for three consecutive days before facing inhuman atrocities by armies of Yazid bin Muaviya, emperor of the Islamic State at the time (680-683 AD). Thus the prevailing fact is, when conscience, consciousness and conviction preponderate over material being, physical discomfiture and needs, cease to affect human kind.

Imam Husain with an enlightened heart, sincerely refuse to acknowledge Yazid and his abettors’ conspicuous licentious and sinful activities. Later, amidst thousands of adversaries, he expostulated by initiating and appealing for re-adopting conventional ethical and religious norms people had deviated from.

Apparently, it is such victory of spiritual righteousness over material falsehood that Imam Husain procured in Kerbala, which has largely been an inspiration for mankind.

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