Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Quran is Not(only) sent for hearing it in beautiful voices(qirat) and admiring its language, rhythm, grammer and beauty. Rather it is sent

  • As a manual for life As a constitution for country

  • As a law for courts As a syllabus for students

  • As a document to be followed in finance and trade sectors

  • As a tool for carving out state's interior and forign policies

  • As a guideline principles for military and wars,

  • And in short as a Imam (leader) in all avenues of life.
We must understand this true reason of Almighty Allah's sending His beautiful word to His favorite and greatest human being (may peace and blessings of Allah swt may shower on him), and therefore we must try with all our energies and capital to have this Quran implemented in all avenues (government and domestic) of life.
[Syed Qutub(may Allah swt grant him mercy)]

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