Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Concepts, facts and ideas that can be derived from the Story of Adam (A.S)

1. The great value Islam assigns to man, his role on earth and his position in the universal system as well as the values by which he will be judged.

2. The high regard in which man is held in God’s universe is manifested in the divine will to declare man a vicegerent on earth and in the symbolic gesture of ordering the angels to prostrate themselves before him, and the subsequent condemnation of IblÄ«s who refused to join them.

3. Elevates man above all other beings and forbids his subjugation or humiliation for the sake of material achievement

4. Achievements must not come at a price that would undermine fundamental human values, or at the expense of man’s dignity or integrity.

5. Man, rather than the means of production or distribution, is the force of change on this earth; he influences and alters the course of all life on it.

6. This view of man is easily distinguished from, and vastly superior to, the feeble and negative role assigned to him by materialistic philosophies.

7. Islam aims to always guide man towards a decent and moral life.
Production, consumerism and the satisfaction of man’s carnal instincts and desires are not all that life is about.

By Syed Qutub Shaheed (R.A) in Fi Zilaal ul Qur'an

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