Sunday, April 5, 2009


Alhamdullilah Sehroza Dawat is now officially online.. The design of the website is very nice and very user friendly.
You can read Sehroza Dawat in e-paper format. Also, you can subscribe to by providing you e-mail id on the homepage. The best thing about the website is it gets regularly updated in evry 3-4 days.
The link for the website is:

For English readers, there is a blog with selected news from Sehroza Dawat in English.

May Allah reward the people in this effort in best manner and provide strength to the truthful voice. As Allah has promised:

"The Truth has arrived and falsehood has vanished; indeed falsehood had to vanish."(Bani Israeel:81)


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  1. Dear Umair
    Assalamu alaikum
    Hope this finds you fine by the grace of Allah.
    Jazakallah for sharing the good news.
    By the way your post has been uploaded in the Jamaat website. The link is
    I am eagerly awaiting the dawn of the Saturday. Hope you remember the promise.
    Azeez Luthfullah