Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do you intend to enter into Paradise?

Assalamualaikum all...
I have got the following piece of valuable information from a poster in the masjid outside my office.
Thought of sharing with you all...

Do you intend to enter into Paradise?
Mind your tongue
Speak the truth Al Qur'an 3:17
Speak straight Al Qur'an 33:70
Speak justice Al Qur'an 6:152
Speak kindly Al Qur'an 2:83
Speak politely Al Qur'an 17:53
Speak fairly Al Qur'an 17:28
Speak gently Al Qur'an 20:44
Speak graciously Al Qur'an 17:23
Speak not in vain Al Qur'an 23:3
Speak no lie Al Qur'an 22:30
Speak not to backbite Al Qur'an 49:12
Speak not without proof Al Qur'an 2:111
Speak no slander Al Qur'an 33:58


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