Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What is Zuhd..???

Ibn Taymiyyah said: Zuhd is to leave alone those things which will not benefit you in the next life.
Sufyaan Ath-Thawri said: Zuhd is to have limited amount of expectations: it does not mean eating poor or inadequate foods as many think or wearing a cheap gown or cloak.
Ibn Ja’laal said: Zuhd is to know that life is a temporary one that will pass away; it should not be magnified in ones heart, nor should much focus be placed on it. Rather one should turn away from it; it is said Zuhd means to refrain from this world, without showing off.
Al Ju’nayd said: Zuhd means to free the heart from always wanting
Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said: Zuhd is not to have too many expectations.
Ibn Mubaarak said: It is having trust in Allaah and being content in times of poverty.
Abdulwaahid Ibn Zaid said: Zuhd can be practised by a person even if he only possesses one dinaar or dirham.
Ad-Daa’rani said: Zuhd means to leave those things that distract you from Allaah the exalted and high.
Hassan Al-Basri said: Zuhd is not that you make the permissible (things) impermissible or by wasting ones money. But, rather Zuhd is that you acknowledge that what Allaah the exalted has (destined for you) is better than what you have.
Madaarij As-Saalikeen by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah

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